Acupuncture Healing Clinic


I have been receiving treatments from Lana Bradley for more than a year now and can honestly say that she regularly goes above and beyond any level that I could have expected. After bad experiences with medications and other health care professionals, I found that acupuncture not only helped me in my levels of stress and depression but that it brought me a whole new level of energy, confidence and general well being. Lana has become more than someone who simply treats my general ailments --she treats me as a whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Not only is Lana my much needed relief from day-to-day sickness or mental unhappiness, but she is truly a compassionate friend and caring human being who I look forward to visiting each week.

 - Alex T.

News Editor


I was told that I might not be able to have kids due to polycystic ovarian disease. Because of acupuncture, I no longer have the disease or severe menstrual cramping. I highly recommend acupuncture and Lana Bradley because she is so knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine. And by the way, she now treats my kids!     

-Melanie M.

Personal Trainer Frisco, TX